Coriolis Force Trainer
(DN - 026)

1 Pump 2 Water tank 3 Speed display 4 Switch for direction of rotation 5 Speed adjustment 6 Rotating arm 7 Water jet

1 Nozzle for water jet 2 Pump 3 Tank 4 Deflected water jet 5 Pivot point of the arm 6 Water jet with a stationary arm 7 Direction of rotation

  • Inertial or apparent force
  • Interference of a rotational movement on a translational movement
  • Visualization of the Coriolis force effect
  • Rotating arm
    • Continuously adjustable speed: 0 ~ 60 min-1.
    • Adjustable direction of rotation.
  • Pump
    • Max lift: 300cm.
    • Max flow rate: 240L/H.
    • Temperature resistance range: 0 -60°C.
    • Power consumption: 4.2W.
    • Rated voltage: 12V DC.
    • Electric motor speed: 3000 rpm
  • Coriolis Force Trainer (DN - 026)
  • Hard copy user manual

The Coriolis force trainer (DN – 026) tends to demonstrate of the Coriolis force effect, rotating reference system and water jet as moving mass.

  • The experimental unit is designed to clearly demonstrate the effect of the Coriolis force in a rotating reference system.
  • A transparent water tank with submersible pump is placed on a rotatable arm and then rotated.
  • Within the rotating reference system, the pump produces a water jet in a radial direction.
  • Depending on the flow rate of the pump or the water velocity, as well as speed and direction of rotation, the water jet is visibly deflected due to the Coriolis force.
  • The degree of deflection can be determined by means of a scale on the water tank.
  • The speed is continuously adjustable, electronically controlled and digitally displayed.