Turbocharger Trainer

1.Turbocharger 2.Emergency switch 3.Main trainer ON/OFF 4.Power switch 5.Motor indication LED 6.Schematic diagram

  • Observation of the internal construction of the turbocharger.
  • Investigation of the turbocharger operation.
  • Turbocharger trainer - (EIG102)
  • Hard copy user manual

The turbocharger is an educational unit (EIG102) designed to enable trainees to observe the internal construction of the turbocharger and its working mechanism. Using this educational unit, trainees will grasp clearly all of the topics related to this field, aiding them to perform maintenance and inspection processes later on.

  • The educational unit demonstrates a sectioned turbocharger mounted on a robust frame.
  • The trainer allows trainees to observe a disassembled turbocharger used to force more air into the engine to increase its power output and raise its efficiency.
  • The trainer is provided with an electric motor running at a relatively low speed to enable observing its operation.
  • The trainer is provided with an ON/ OFF operation switch for the electric motor and indication LED to state the operation status of the motor.
  • The trainer is supplied with main ON/OFF switch as well as emergency switch in case of any inconvenience.
  • The trainer is provided with a schematic diagram showing the turbocharger’s construction and position in the intake system of an engine.
  • Different color cross-sections provide contrast for better observation of internal components.