Anti-theft Alarm Box Trainer
(EL - 001)

1 8 different zones 2 Anti theft alarm control panel 3 burglar alarm control 4 Motion Detector 5 Magnetic sensor 6 Glass break sensor 7 Unit ON/ OFF switch 8 Fault keys 9 Circuit breaker 10 Electric lock 11 Emergency Switch 12 Siren

  • Connecting motion detector.
  • Connecting glass break sensor.
  • Connecting electric lock.
  • Connecting different sensors to different zones.
  • Connecting magnetic sensor.
  • Connecting different sensors to the same zone.
  • Simulating more upto 6 anti-theft alarm system faults.
  • Anti-theft Alarm Box Trainer (EL - 001)
  • Hard Copy user Manual

Anti-theft Alarm box trianer is a mountable bench top device designed based on the systems used in theft protection. It includes sensors used to detect theft such as motion detector, glass break. The
sensor detects the thief or movement in general, sending a signal to the console that operates the alarm

  • This trainer is designed to teach students the systems used in theft protection.
  • The trainer includes eight different zones in a virtual apartment.
  • The sensors equipped with the trainer are burglar alarm control, motion detector, magnetic sensor, glass windows break sensor, electric lock.
  • The control Panel in the trainer includes AC power supply input (220V AC), battery input (12V DC).
  • The student can implement experiments with different sensors using test points & safety cables.
  • Six faults switches are provided to practice faults simulation in the field of burglar alarm system.
  • The unit is treated against rust and electrostatically painted.
  • The trainer is equipped with serine that operates in case of theft.