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Fire Alarm Box Trainer
(EL - 002)
  • Measurements experiments
    • Heat sensor connection
    • Smoke sensor connection
    • Gas sensor connection
    • Manual Call Point Connection
    • Connection of more than one sensor to the same zone
  • Faults Simulation
    • Heat sensor Fault
    • Smoke sensor Fault
    • Gas sensor Fault
    • Alarm bell Fault
    • Siren Fault
    • Disconnection of power Fault
  • Fire Alarm Box Trainer (EL - 002)
  • Hard Copy user Manual

The Fire Alarm box is designed for training on electrical installations of fire alarm systems. The trainer implements fire control on four different zones using fire control panel.

  • The trainer contains the necessary components to implement fire alarm system, which contains a number of heat detectors, smoke detectors, and natural gas detectors.
  • The trainer contains alarm components such as siren, fire alarm bell, and manual call points.
  • The unit is treated against rust & electrostatically painted.
  • The trainer allows implementing the wiring for the systems by connecting the components sockets on the panel with control devices.
  • The panel contains a sufficient number of supply sockets which are connected to the components sockets as a source of electrical current.
  • The trainer contains circuit breakers to keep the trainee and components safe from faults resulting from wrong connections.