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Audio Video Intercom Training Kit
(EL - 009)
  • Establishing a single resident-to-substation communication
  • Establishing a resident-to-resident communication and a two resident-to single substation communication.
  • Unlocking door through indoor monitor or through exit button
  • Activating staircase light through indoor monitor
  • Automatic door opening circuit along with automatic staircase lighting
  • Activating alarm siren within indoor monitor
  • Video/Audio Entrance Panel
    • Voice over
    • Connection to four subscribers
  • Video/Audio Indoor Unit
    • Voice over
    • Connection with alarm detectors
  • POE Switch
    • 5 Ethernet ports
  • Pushbuttons
    • Two normally closed
    • Two normally open
  • Audio Video Intercom Training Kit (EL - 009)
  • Hard copy of the user manual

This kit contains multiple modules in order to interpret and carryout audio video intercom system. With combing with the electrical installations frame and mixing and matching various modules, the trainee will be able to perform wide range of experiments related to this aspect and investigate the creation of audio video intercom systems.

  • The training kit consists of up to 6 modules which can be mixed and matched to carry out various audio video intercom experiments.
  • All of the modules contain power supply terminals and earthing terminals to receive power from the main frame.
  • Using this kit, trainees will acquire knowledge regarding electrical wiring and audio video intercom circuit designing and forming.
  • Video audio inertance panel module is supplied. This module consists of an outdoor unit that uses Voice over IP within a LAN to communicate with indoor phone units.It can take up to four subscribers and has the ability to unlock doors through an exit button attached to its terminals or through an unlock command sent through IP from an indoor unit.
  • The kit includes Video/Audio indoor unit module which consists of a single indoor intercom unit that uses Voice over IP within a LAN to communicate with outdoor station, as well as indoor phone units. It can be connected with alarm detectors and configure its alarm zone to trigger an alarm when an event takes place.
  • POE switch module with five ethernet ports is included allowing any device with a LAN cable to be connected to it.
  • PIR (motion sensor) that works with the infrared is included which can be used to illuminate when the visitor enters a building.
  • Staircase timer module is included where it can be used to set a specific time. The timer is triggered by pressing the push buttons connected to the terminals of programmable staircase timer.
  • Four pushbuttons are included in one module which can serve as a simulation for alarm detectors connected to video intercom unit, as well as the stairway pushbutton.
  • The modules are well protected in a provided kit to protect against wear and deterioration.