Thermal Oil Heater Troubleshooting Training System
(EL - 017)

1 Thermal oil heater unit 2 Faults switches 3 Operation switches 4 Led indicators 5 Thermal oil heater diagram 6 Thermal oil heater test terminals

  • Investigation of the operation of a real oil heating system.
  • Diagnosing of 12 system faults such as:
    • Heater fault
    • Thermostat fault
    • Minimum heating switch fault
    • Maximum heating switch fault
    • Fan switch fault
    • Fan fault
    • Power fault
  • Thermal Oil Heater Troubleshooting Training System (EL - 017)
  • Hard copy user manual

Thermal Oil Heater trainer is a bench-top unit allows trainees to study common faults of thermal oil heating system. The educational unit features real thermal oil heater components. Using this training system, trainees will grasp the basic fundamentals of thermal oil heater system. The trainer is equipped with 12 faults simulation switches to enhance trainee’s troubleshooting skills, it also includes terminals to test the system as different faults happen. The system is supplied with main ON/OFF for the training system and an emergency button in case of any inconvenience.

  • The trainer includes real oil heater components such as:
    • Heaters
    • Isolation
    • Med. switch
    • Min. switch
    • Thermostat
    • Fan switch
  • The educational unit includes front control panel, which include features operation switches to control the unit operation as in normal home used units
  • The unit also include fault switches to simulate the different faults that can occur in the real oil heating systems, it also includes output terminals to be able to test the system as different faults happen
  • The front control panel include detailed thermal oil heater diagram showing its components.
  • The trainer can simulate up to 12 thermal oil heater common faults, such as faults of:
    • Heater
    • Switches
    • Thermostat