Washing Machine Troubleshooting Training System
(EL - 020)

1 Washing machine 2 Fault switches 3 Schematic diagram with Test terminals 4 Indications LEDs 5 Emergency button 6 Main ON/OFF

  • Investigation of the operation of a real Washing machine troubleshooting training system unit.
  • Faults experiments in,
    • Noise filter
    • Heater
    • Door lock switch
    • Wash valve
    • Prewash valve
    • Drain pump
    • Washing machine motor
  • Washing machine troubleshooting training system (EL - 020)
  • Hard copy user manual

The washing machines training system is a standalone unit which comprises of a real-world domestic washing machine and fault investigation panel. Using this training system, trainees will get familiar with the typical structure of such systems and function of each component. Based on that, they will get to apply the most common faults related to each component and investigate the output signals afterwards. The unit also includes terminals to test the system as different faults happen.

  • This training system is designed with purpose of elaborating domestic washing machines structure and their most common faults.
  • This system is for experimental purposes allowing trainees to acquire hands on skills in domestic washing machines inspection, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairing.
  • The system comprises of real-world washing machine, vertical panel and horizontal fault panels containing up to 20 different faults that can be applied to system components and investigated and activated manually.
  • Terminals for system components are well laid on the vertical panel through which trainees can connect an Avometer (Not Included) to test and investigate output signals before and after malfunction application. They will get to measure voltage or resistance in these experiments.
  • Isolation indication LEDs and operation indication LEDs are located on the vertical panel to identify the status of each component throughout experimentation.
  • Trainees will be able to activate faults on various washing machine components such as heater, wash valve, prewash valve,..etc.
  • A schematic diagram is printed on the unit to simplify and illustrate the training system concept to users.
  • A circuit diagram is printed on the unit to illustrate the wiring of typical domestic washing machines.
  • The system is provided with main ON/OFF and emergency button in case of any inconvenience.