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Electrical Installations Training Frame
(EL - 301)
  • Electrical Installations Training Frame (EL - 301)
  • Laboratory PC

The electrical installation frame consists of more than one rack enabling trainees to mount modules necessary for carrying out the desired experiments. This frame is aided with the necessary outlets making it easy to experiment electrical systems. With its unique design, it’s convenient for different laboratories and different setups.

  • The electrical frame is made out of sturdy stainless-steel material making it durable and convenient for educational purposes.
  • The frame comprises multiple mounting rack, horizontal bench top and vertical control panel.
  • The frame consists of three racks available for modules mounting which in turns enables students to carry out wide range of experiments.
  • The frame contains horizontal work benchtop where trainees can place any other requirements that may be needed during the experiment.
  • The control panel of the frame contains power supply and earthing lines to supply the mounted modules with power.
  • The control panel contains two electrical plugs to connect any other external components.
  • The system contains main ON/OFF and emergency button which can be used in case of any inconvenience.
  • A circuit breaker is supplied within the control panel to provide more protection to the system.
  • A USB port is provided enabling trainees to connect the system to an external PC in case of operating software systems.
  • The frame is supplied with four castor wheels, two of them are supplied with braking facility to provide more stability and easier movement of the system.
  • The system is supplied with a cable holder at the side where all of the cables can be stored after performing the experiments.