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Electrical Installation Benchtop
(EW - 023)
  • Power supply
    • Output voltage adjustable in the range of 0V to 30V.
    • Smoothly adjustable output current in the range from 0 A to 5 A
    • Simultaneous readout of output voltage and current measurement on the display
    • Short-circuit protection (with a short-circuit, it switches off automatically)
    • Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz (mains)
    • Operating temperature: -10°C - 40°C
    • Voltmeter reading accuracy: ± (1% + 1 digit)
    • Accuracy of the ammeter: ± (1% + 1 digit)
    • Ripple voltage and noise voltage: ≤ 0,5 mVrms
    • Current stabilization: ≤ 0.2% + 3 mA
    • Ripple voltage and current noise: ≤ 2 mArms
  • RCCB
    • poles description: 4P
    • [In] rated current: 25 A
    • Earth-leakage sensitivity: 30 mA
    • Network frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • [Ue] rated operational voltage: 380...415 V AC
  • Electrical installation benchtop (EL - 024)
  • Hard copy user manual

This electrical installation benchtop allows trainees to learn all about fundamentals of electrical systems using double sided system where trainees can mount electrical modules and perform wide range of experiments. This benchtop is aided with all of the necessary electrical components required for experimentation.

  • This electrical work bench consists of double-sided frame with all of the basic necessary electrical components. The double-sided frame allows more than one trainee to perform experiments at the same time.
  • The bench top frame is slotted allowing users to mount electrical modules to it required for experimentation purposes.
  • The bench top is supplied with keyed on/off switch as well as emergency switch to protect the work bench in case of any inconvenience.
  • The bench top is supplied with circuit breakers as a safety to provide protection against overcurrent and prevent damage of the electrical components.
  • The electrical bench unit is supplied with RCCB in order to provide protection to trainees against electrical power leakage.
  • The training system is supplied with three-phase power source and neutral source which can be obtained through 4 mm banana sockets or cable port for user’s safety depending on the used device.
  • Each phase from the three phases or the neutral one is supplied with indication LEDs to state its operation.
  • The training system is supplied with variable DC power supply which can be obtained through 4 mm banana sockets for user’s safety.
  • The training system contains line and neutral paths in order to supply the used modules with power in case of not using the DC power supply.
  • The electrical work bench is electrostatically painted to protect the unit against rust, wear and deterioration.
  • The work bench obtains four castor wheels, where two of them are provided with braking facility to ensure the stability of the training system.