Electrical Installation Tower Training System
(EW - 024)

1 Emergency button 2 2-pole circuit breaker 3 4-pole circuit breaker 4 Motor protection 5 4-pole RCCB 6 3-phase supply paths and its indicating LEDs 7 Single-phase supply paths and its indicating LED 8 Mounting frame 9 Storage unit

  • Power supply
    • Three-phase: 380V
    • Single-phase: 220 V
  • RCCB
    • poles description: 4P
    • [In] rated current: 25 A
    • Earth-leakage sensitivity: 30 mA
    • Network frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • [Ue] rated operational voltage: 380...415 V AC
  • Overload protection: 16A
  • Electrical Installation Tower Training System (EL - 026)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • The training system consists of a four-sided frame, each side is supplied with its own power supply source. All of the sides can be opened to provide more space for mounting electrical modules.
  • With the help of the slotted frame, trainees will be able to mount multiple electrical modules and fix it using nuts and due to the spreadable nature of the system, they will get to experiment using many modules at the same time.
  • The electrical installation tower training system enables four trainees to be working on the unit individually at the same time. 
  • This training system is supplied with storage area inside of the tower in order to store all of the experiment modules and the electrical components to provide protection for these components against wear and damage.
  • The compact nature of the unit saves space which makes it suitable for different workshop areas.
  • This system is designed for experimental purposes allowing trainees to install different electrical modules and enhance their installation practical skills.
  • Each side of the system contains control panel where each of them has two power source connections: single phase (220 volt) and three phase (380 volt).
  • Each side has an emergency switch in case of any inconvenience
  • Each side of the four sided is aided with cable ports for three-phase line paths and the neutral path. It also contains cable port a single-phase path and its neutral path as well, making it easy for trainees to connect devices.
  • Each phase of the three-phase system or the single-phase system is supplied with indication LED to state its operation during experiments.
  • One side of the four-sided frame is supplied with 4-pole and 2-pole circuit breakers in order to provide protection against overcurrent and prevent damage of the electrical components.
  • The system is also provided with 4-pole RCCB in order to provide protection to trainees against electrical power leakage.
  • The system is supplied with overload protection to protect against overcurrent that would cause overheating to the used equipment.