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Home Installation Training System
(EW - 025)

1 Washing machine Simulation Unit 2 Storage Unit 3 Fan Simulation Unit 4 Spot Light 5 Air Conditining Simulation unit 6 Junction Box 7 Heater Simulation unit 8 Plastic Pipes 9 Indoor Unit Intercom 10 Indoor Distribution Box 11 Staircase System 12 Riser 13 Door Lock 14 Storage Unit 15 Outdoor Unit Intercom

  • Intercom installation
  • Staircase lighting installation
  • Home lighting installation
  • Washing machine installation
  • Domestic AC installation
  • Heating unit installation
  • Inner dimensions
    • L: 426 cm
    • W: 118 cm
    • o H: 244 cm
  • Outer dimensions
    • L: 540 cm
    • W: 125 cm
    • H: 253 cm
  • Storage inner dimensions
    • L: 125 cm
    • W: 47 cm
    • H: 226 cm
    • No. of units: 2
    • Each unit contains 5 racks
  • Home Installation Training System. (EL - 027)
  • Hard copy user manual

The home installation training system is developed according to electrical installation that may exist in domestic areas. The educational unit is equipped with all components necessary for performing wide range of experiments. Trainees will understand the basic fundamentals of home installation training system as well as familiarization with the key characteristics of such systems.

  • This training system is designed to allow trainees, especially in vocational studies, to practice their installation skills regarding typical domestic installations.
  • The trainer simulates a complete residential building that consists of Intercom, door lock unit, staircase lighting, air conditioning unit, washing machine unit and home lighting unit.
  • All of the system contents are real-world components making trainees familiar with such systems.
  • This training system can be supplied with two cabinets at each side optionally in order to provide storage area for the experimental components to protect against wear and damage
  • The training system is made out of slotted frame enabling trainees to mount as many modules as they want using nuts to perform the needed experiments.
  • The training system is divided into six sections, each section represents a different room in the building or the staircase area.
  • In the intercom installation system located on the right side of the system, trainees will be able to perform installation of intercoms located outside of the house and how it’s connected to indoor intercom.
  • A doorbell simulation is also provided to the system enabling trainees to practice typical door lock systems.
  • Staircase lighting system simulation is provided where four light switches are provided representing four residential floors with four lighting lamps. once pressing any of the switches, the four lamps will illuminate.
  • Indoors lighting systems is also provided allowing trainees to perform the needed installations to light different rooms withing the home/apartment which can be tested through the provided light switches.
  • AC simulation is provided allowing trainees to practice the needed procedures to install air conditioner systems within homes.
  • The training system is supplied with heater simulation unit to imitate water heating units existing in domestic homes. Trainees will be able to perform the related installation to these system
  • Above from all of the previously mentioned installation systems, trainees will enhance their skills regarding washing machines installations systems.
  • Each system is supplied with its electrical junction box enabling trainees to get familiar with the related wiring of such systems.
  • The system is electrostatically painted to protect the system against rust.