Methods of Flow Measurement

1 Six Tube Manometers. 2 Orifice plate flow meter 3 Water supply 4 Water drain 5 Valve for adjusting the flow rate 6 Rotameter

  • Investigation methods of flow measurements with
    • Orifice plate flow meter/ Measuring nozzle
    • pitot tube (measurment of total and static pressure)
    • Venturi nozzle
    • Rotameter
  • Flow measurement comparison of different instruments
  • Determining the corresponding flow coefficient
  • Pressure measurement with pitot tube
  • Calibrating measuring instruments
  • Methods of measurement instruments
    • Orifice plate/ measuring nozzle
    • Venturi
    • Rotameter
  • Manometer
    • 6-tube manometer … 390 mmwc
  • Venturi nozzle
    • A= 84 – 338 mm
    • Inlet: 10.5 degree
    • Outlet: 4 degree
  • Rotameter
    • Measuring range 1700 L/h max
  • Orifice plate flow meter
    • Diameter= 14 mm
  • Pitot tube
    • For measuring the total pressure
  • Methods of Flow Measurement - (FM - 002)
  • Hard copy user manual

The flow measurement educational unit (FM-002) is a bench top unit which prefers to be attached to the main hydraulic unit to provides highly experience for trainees, the unit illustrates the basic experiments to get to know how to measure the flow rate using different instruments. These instruments are designed with transparent cases in order to visualize how they operate and function.

  • The educational unit features a closed water circuit with different methods of flow rate measurement.
  • The educational unit measuring instruments include: orifice plate flow meter/measuring nozzle, Venturi nozzle , Rotameter and and Pitot
  • 6 Tube manometers to determine the pressure distribution in Venturi nozzle, orifice plate flow meter , and measuring nozzle.
  • The experimental unit is positioned easily and securely on the work surface of the main hydraulic unit.
  • The water is supplied and the flow rate is measured by the main hydraulic unit.