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Measurement of Jet Forces
  • Demonstration of jet force
  •  Studying impact of jet forces using (flat /oblique / semicircular / conical)
  • The relation between flow rate and flow velocity of fluid
  • Determining energy equation between nozzle exit point and deflectors surface
  • Investigation the linear momentum equation
  • Nozzle Diameter
    • 10 mm
  • Transparent tank
    • D x L ( 200 x 340 ) mm
  • Four Different Shaped Deflectors
    • Flat surface: 90 degree
    • oblique surface: 45 degree / 135 degree
    • Semi - Circular surface: 180 degree
    • Conical surface: 135 degree
  • Weight Loaded Scale
  • Set of Weights
    • No.1 of 200 gm
    • No.1 of 150 gm
    • No.2 of 100 gm
    • No.2 of 50 gm
    • No.2 of 20 gm
  • Measurement of Jet Forces (FM - 009)
  • Hard copy user manual

Measurement of jet forces (FM-009) is an educational unit which is designed for the investigation of jet forces, when a jet of water flowing with a steady velocity strikes a solid surface, the water is deflected to flow along the surface. The educational unit enables experiments to be carried out on the reaction force produced on deflectors when a jet of water impacts the deflector. The study of these reaction forces is an essential step in the subject of mechanics of fluids

  • The experimental unit includes a tank made of transparent material for observing the experiments.
  • The unit also includes a nozzle for generating the water jet.
  • Four different shaped deflectors: flat surface, oblique surface, semi-circular surface , and conical surface.
  • The force of the water jet is adjusted via controlling the flow rate that can be calculated by the main hydraulic unit.
  • The jet forces generated by the water jet are measured on the weight-loaded scale.
  • The experimental unit is positioned easily and securely on the work surface of the main hydraulic unit that acts as the supply of water to the unit.