Orifice & Free Jet Flow

1 Transparent Tank 2 Water Inlet 3 Drain 4 Overflow with flexible pipe 5 Orifice (Nozzle) 6 Orifice Contoures (2 roundend and 2 squared with different dimensions) 7 Movable Rods 8 Graphical White Board 9 Knobs

  • Investigation the path of the water jet at different outlet velocities
  • Investigation the relation between level of the tank and velocity outlet of water flow
  • Demonstrating the theoretical and actual outlet velocity
  • Determination of contraction coefficient for different contours (rounded/square) and different dimension for each type
  • Transparent Tank
    • Volume: approx.:13liter
    • With adjustable over flow
    • Dimension: D X L (160 X 160) mm
  • Four Contours
    • Rounded Counters
    • No.1 Dia = 4 mm
    • No.1 Dia = 8 mm
    • Squared Contours
    • NO.1 LxW (4x4) mm
    • NO.1 LxW (8X8) mm
  • Movable Rods
    • 9 movable rods
    • Length: 350 mm
  • White Board Panel (Scaled Panel)
  • Hydraulic bench uses as water supply for the experimental trainer
  • Orifice & Free Jet Flow (FM - 013)
  • Hard copy user manual

The orifice and free jet flow (FM-013)is a bench top unit that prefers to be attached to the hydraulic main unit to provide high experience for trainees, the unit designed to illustrate the visualization of the water jet profile.Additionally, the contraction coefficient can be determined as a characteristic of different contours.

  • The Orifice and Free Jet Flow unit consists of a cylindrical tank with an orifice plate set into its side.
  • An adjustable overflow pipe is adjacent to the head tank to allow changes in the water level.
  • The unit also contains a graphical white-board attached to the backboard, and the rods should be adjusted to follow the trajectory of the water jet. The positions of the tops of the rods can be marked to plot the trajectory.
  • The rods can be locked, using knobs on the Holder.
  • Changeable Four orifice contours with 4 mm and 8 mm diameters and 4x4 and 8x8 square jets are provided.
  • The experimental unit is positioned easily and securely on the work surface of the Main Hydraulic Unit that acts as the supply of water to the unit.