Calibration of Pressure Gauges
(FM - 019)

1.Calibrated pressure gauge 2.Pressure gauge under test 3.Pipeline 4.Oil reservoir 5.Hydraulic pump 6.Weight’s holder 7.Weights 8.Piston 9.Cylinder

  • Demonstration of the working principle of a Bourdon tube pressure gauge.
  • Calibration of manometers.
  • Determination of the systematic errors
  • Demonstration of the principle of operation and working with a piston manometer.
  • Piston manometer
    • Pressure piston: diameter: 14mm
    • Hydraulic cylinder: diameter: 14mm,
  • Bourden Tube
  • Range: 0-4 bar
  • Set of weights
    • Weight holder: 485g
    • 0,35bar 1x 193g / 0,166bar
    • 4x 578g / 0,5bar
  • Calibration of Pressure Gauges (FM - 019)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • Oil

This kit (FM – 019) is a bench top educational unit which designed to provide an introduction to manometer calibration basics. The unit also explain the operation of a Bourdon tube pressure gauge and a piston manometer.

  • The educational kit includes a piston manometer and a Bourdon tube pressure gauge that are connected by a pipe.
  • The kit also includes a hydraulic pump with storage tank and bleed mechanism.
  • This kit allows pressure gauges to be accurately calibrated up to 4 bar.
  • The Piston manometers are used as methods for calibrating pressure gauges.
  • The kit also contains weights that are used for loading the piston, which produces force.
  • Hydraulic oil is to transfer the force.
  • The unit also includes a manometer transparent dial where the test pressure can be indicated.
  • The transparent dial of the manometer also allows clear visibility of the spring mechanism of the Bourdon tube pressure gauge.
  • The Piston allows calibration over a wide range of pressures. By changing the weights, the Loading on the calibrated piston manometer also changed which produces a very accurate, varying calibration pressure, that is used to check and calibrate the manometer.
  • The unit is provided with Carrying cases for the unit and weights.