Laminar Flow Streamlines Visualization Trainer
  • Visualization of streamlines in flow around drag bodies.
  • Visualization of streamlines inflow through changes in cross-section.
  • Ideal flow associated with sinks and sources.
  • Research – modelling two-dimensional systems.
  • Use of streamlines to analyze two-dimensional flow.
  • Flow chamber contains two plates
    • distance between the plates: 2mm
    • upper plate made of transparent material
    • bottom plate with four water connections for sources/sinks
    • size experiment area: LxW: 500x300mm
  • 10 drag bodies and changes in cross-section
  • Injection of the contrast medium (ink): 15 holes
  • Tank for contrast medium: 500mL
  • Laminar Flow Streamlines Visualization Trainer (FM115)
  • 10 drag bodies and changes in cross-section:
    • Car.
    • Triangle.
    • Square.
    • 2 triangles for change in cross-section.
    • 2 semi-circles.
    • Droplet.
    • Streamlined body.
    • Guide vane profile
  • Hard copy user manual

The laminar flow streamlines visualization Trainer (FM115) tends to demonstrate the laminar flow patterns in ideal fluids. The trainer uses water as flowing medium and ink as a contrast medium for better visualization.