Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus

1 Scaled hanger 2 Weight holder 3 Weights 4 Tiltable water tank 5 Transparent scale for both tilt angle and water level measuring 6 Axis of rotation with fixation pin and holes to adjust the angles 7 Movable weight for stabilizing the hanger at 180°

  • Determination of the pressure distribution along an effective area in a liquid at rest.
  • Determination of the lateral force of the hydrostatic pressure.
  • Determination of the center of pressure and center of area.
  • Determination of the resulting compressive force.
  • Measuring the volume of water at different tilt angels.
  • Verifing Archimedes' Principle
  • Water Tank
    • inclination angle: 0°…90°
    • content: 0…2L
    • scale: 0…250mm
    • effective area, max. 75x100mm
  • Lever Arm
    • max. length: 200mm
  • Weights
    • 1x 2,5N
    • 1x 2N
    • 2x 1N
    • 1x 0,5N
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus (FM121)
  • Hard copy user manual

The hydrostatic pressure apparatus (FM121) is a bench top kit which is designed with the purpose of the determination of forces on surfaces under hydrostatic pressure. The effect of hydrostatic pressure is highly important in many fields of engineering: in shipbuilding, in hydraulic engineering and building services.

  • The unit offers clear demonstration of hydrostatic pressure in liquids in easy manner.
  • The trainer allows trainee to study the effect of hydrostatic pressure of water at different water levels and different angles of inclination.
  • The unit has a transparent, tilting tank and has a scale to measure the tank volume easily.
  • The trainer has also scales for measuring tilt angle of water tank and another scale for measuring the position of lever arm.
  • The tank is balanced by the lever arm using different weights and the compressive force could be measured easily.
  • The device is supplied with different weights to balance the lever arm for clear demonstration of the experiment.
  • The unit is a bench top trainer which is easily positioned and secured.
  • All materials of corrosion-resistant to protect the unit against rust and corrosion.