Gear Pump Experimental Unit

1 Tank 2 Electric motor 3 Gear pump 4 Flow Meter 5 Drain cock 6 Needle valve 7 Relief Valve 8 Pressure Sensor 9 Indication panel 10 Indication buttons 11 Control mode switch 12 Gear pump O/I 13 Speed control knob 14 Emergency button 15 Main trainer O/I

  • Gear Pump Characteristic Curve.
  • Pressure Difference vs. Flow Rate Curve at Different Speeds.
  • Relationship between Head and speed.
  • Inlet Pressure Sensor: -1 to 1 bar.
  • Outlet Pressure Sensor: 0 to 16 bar.
  • Electric Motor Power: 370 W.
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 to 50 L/min.
  • Gear Pump Experimental Unit (FR - 006)
  • Hard Copy User Manual
  • BEDO Software
  • Oil (5L).
  • Laboratory PC

The gear pump kit (FR-006) is a bench top educational unit which is, designed to demonstrate the operating behavior and the most important characteristic variables of gear pumps. The unit features a closed circuit with a tank and a gear pump with variable speed via frequency converter.

  • The educational unit demonstrates the functioning and operating behavior of a gear pump.
  • The pump gears are mounted in a transparent housing and can be observed during operation.
  • The flow rate is adjusted by a needle valve. the head is adjusted by an overflow valve.
  • Oil is used as the medium.
  • The experimental unit is fitted with sensors for pressure at the inlet and outlet of the pump and temperature at inlet is measured too.
  • A flow meter is used to measure the flow of the viscous liquid
  • The educational unit is provided with a USB port to be connected to PC.
  • The unit control panel includes ON/OFF switch, Gear Pump On/ Off Switch, Emergency Switch, Gear Pump Speed Control Switch, Control Mode selector.
  • The educational unit can be operated either manually or with the software.
  • The interactive software allows monitoring various parameters of the gear pump operation and observing the characteristic curves generated automatically.