Ogee-Crested Weir with Two Weir Outlets 300×86 mm
  • Effect of the weir outlet on flow processes in case of chute and chute with ski jump.
  • Position of hydraulic jump depending on downstream water level
  • Together with a water level and a velocity meter:
    • determination of the sequent depth.
    • determination of discharge and head.
    • comparison of the theoretical and the measured discharge.
  • Weir with chute: L×W×H: 172x86x160 mm
  • Weir with chute with ski jump: L×W×H: 210×84×160mm

This module is used to study the flow over ogee-crested weirs.

  • The ogee-crested weir is used for the experimental flume.
  • The module includes two different weir outlets: chute and chute with ski jump.
  • The weir body is with sealing lips.