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Elements for Energy Dissipation 300×86 mm
  • Comparison of the effect of different elements for energy dissipation such as: chute blocks, baffle blocks and end sills.
  • Observation of the hydraulic jump with and without end sills respectively baffle blocks.
  • Chute block: L×W×H: 172×84×160mm
  • End sill
    • L×W×H: 84x25x25mm
    • L×W×H: 84x25x50mm
  • Baffle blocks
    • L×W×H: 84x25x25mm
    • blocks, W×H: 14x14mm
  • Base plate

This module is used to study the energy dissipation downstream of an ogee-crested weir.

  • The elements for energy dissipation are used for the experimental flume.
  • It is used as an accessory for the Ogee-crested weir with two weir outlets module.
  • The elements include one chute block, two baffle blocks with five rectangular blocks, one baffle block with five triangular blocks, and two end sills with different height.
  • The base plate contains evenly spaced threaded holes.