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Vibrating Piles  300×86 mm
  • Vibration of a single pile.
    • Observation of a Karman vortex street
    • Effect of the rod diameter
    • Effect of additional masses
  • Coupled vibrations between two piles.
  • Single rods: 300mm long, Diameters = 4mm, 6mm and 8mm

This module is used to study the vibrations of a single pile or of two parallel piles in a flow.

  • The rods are used as vibrating piles for the experimental flume.
  • The module contains three single rods with different diameters.
  • The module includes a weight holder with weights as additional masses for the single rod to be studied.
  • Vibration of 2 parallel piles can be achieved by 2 identical rods with holding device and the distance of rods is adjustable.
  • When a single rod is studied, the holding device for parallel piles is fastened on the flume bottom.