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Set of Plate Weirs, Four types
  • free and submerged over-fall at the sharp-crested weir
  • effect of aeration on flow processes at plate weirs
  • together with a level gauge:
    • Plate weirs as measuring weirs: determination of the discharge coefficient; comparison of the measuring weirs
    • Determination of the discharge
    • Comparison of the theoretical and the
    • Measured discharge
  • Thomson weir: triangular weir opening
  • Rehbock weir: rectangular weir opening
  • Cipoletti weir: trapezoidal weir opening

This module is used to study the flow over sharp-crested weirs.

  • The module includes 3 sharp-crested weirs for the experimental flume.
  • It includes a rectangular weir with optional aeration as sharp-crested weir.
  • The weir height is identical for all weirs.
  • The plate weir to be studied is inserted in a frame.
  • The transparent frame with lateral sealing lips is mounted in the flume.
  • The weirs are made of stainless steel.