Closed Sediment Circuit
  • Observation of bed-load transport along the flume bottom.
  • Rolling and saltation bed-load transport.
  • Formation and migration of ripples and dunes.
  • Understanding of fluvial obstacle marks using the Slice gate module.
  • Pump
    • Power consumption: 1,1kW
    • Max. flow rate: 36m3/h
    • Max. head: 11m
  • Screen basket
    • aperture size: 0,3mm (49mesh)
    • capacity: approx. 120L

This module considers the bed-load transport and consists of a sediment trap, a sediment feed and a pipe system.

  • The unit represents a bed-load transport with closed sediment circuit for the experimental flume.
  • The unit includes a screen basket that act as sediment trap, to be inserted into the water tank below the outlet element of experimental flume.
  • The unit also includes a pump with pipe system for transporting the water/ sand mixture from the trap to the sediment feed.
  • The sediment feed is directly into the experimental section.
  • The height of sediment feed above the flume bottom can be varied.
  • The sediment is removed from the flume using screen on the second water tank.
  • The experimental flume can be extended with the closed sediment circuit at any time.