Heat Transfer in Fluidized Bed Training System
(HT - 005)

1 Air filter 2 Glass rector 3 Digital display 4 Control panel 5 Flow meter 6 Compresses air connection

  • Study and investigation of fluidization of fixed beds
  • Determine Pressure curve within the fluidized bed
  • Determine Pressure losses depending on flow velocity and particle size
  • Determination of the fluidization velocity
  • Study the Heat transfer in the fluidized bed
  • Study the Effect of Separation of mixtures with different particle sizes by sedimentation.
  • Heater
    • Power: 0 to 100 W adjustable
  • Measuring range:
    • Temperature: 1x 0 to 100 °C, 2x 0 to 400 °C
    • Flow rate: 0 to 50 l/min
    • Pressure: 0 to 100 mbar
    • Power: 0 to 200 W
  • Heat Transfer in Fluidized Bed Training System unit (HT - 005)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • BEDO Software
  • Laboratory PC

Heat transfer in fluidized bed training system (HT – 005) has been designed to introduce the students to the phenomena of fluidized bed and allow them to monitor the fluidization process, that when the heat transfer between hot fluid and a fixed bed occurs through heat conduction, Due to the movement of the particles, the fluid and the particles are very well mixed in the fluidized bed. This enables optimum heat transfer between fluid and particles and ensures an even temperature distribution in the reactor

  • The main component in the system is a backlit glass reactor.
  • Compressed air flows upwards through a transparent plate.
  • The fixed beds on the sintered plate.
  • At higher velocities the bed is loosened to such an extent that individual solid particles are suspended by the fluid and form a fluidized bed.
  • The air escapes through a filter at the top end of the transparent glass reactor.
  • the air flow rate can be adjusted by needle valve.
  • A submersible heating element in the reactor enables examination of the heat transfer in the fluidized bed.
  • Sensors record the pressure at the inlet into the reactor and in the fluidized bed.
  • The system is able to measure the air flow rate, the heating power, pressure and temperatures at the air inlet of the reactor, on the surface of the heating element and in the fluidized bed.
  • The measured values can be read on digital displays.
  • At the same time, the measured values can also be transmitted directly 1o a PC solid via. USB.
  • Aluminum oxide in various particle sizes is included in the scope of delivery as bulk
  • The data acquisition software is included.