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Law of Radiation Training System
(HT - 008)

1 Holder 2 Filament lamp 3 Slider 4 Control panel 5 Heater Power Control 6 Thermopile

  • Measuring the resistance of the filament of the incandescent lamp at room temperature.
  • Demonstrate the non-ohmic response
  • Investigate The relationship between filament temperature and resistance.
  • Measuring the energy flux density of the lamp at different heating voltages
  • Base stand unit
    Multi-function measurement instruments Thermopile with shielding tube:

    • Temperature range: -65 to 85 °C
    • Maximum power: 0.1 watts/cm2
    • Spectral response: 0.6 to 30 um
    • Without window: 200 to 50000 mm
    • With window: 300 to 3000 mm
    • Sensitivity: 20 to 40 µV/W/m2
  • Resistor: 100 Ohm 2%, 1W Filament lamp: 6V/5A with holder Meter scale: 1000 mm
  • Law of Radiation Training System unit (HT - 008)
  • Connection box.
  • Hard copy user manual
  • Laboratory PC

Law of radiation training system is designed to help trainees to measure the current-potential difference characteristics of a filament light bulb and building an intuitive understanding of the behavior of this curve.

  • The trainer unit has a compact bench top design to be suitable for different spaces and to enable ease of use.
  • The unit contains an optical bench with movable carriages to mount any external devices necessary for the experiments in an easy and quick way.
  • The thermopile can be used to measure
  • The radiation capacity of the incandescent lamp.
  • The multifunction measurement instrument is used to analyze, manipulate and visualize output data.
  • The training unit is electro-statically painted and is treated to resist rust.