Water Chiller

1 Cold water tank. 2 Evaporator (inside the cold water tank 3 Cold water pump. 4 Compressor. 5 Condenser. 6 Hot water inlet (from the supply unit to the compressor of chiller unit). 7 Cold water outlet (from the chiller to the supply unit). 8 Compressor operation switch. 9 Cold water pump operation switch. 10 Control of cold water temperature inside the cold water tank. 11 Emergency switch. 12 Water chiller operation switch. 13 Water chiller schematic diagram. 14 Accessories drawer.

  • Centrifugal Pump
    • Max. Flow rate: 600L/h
    • Max. Head: 20m
    • Power consumption: 120W
  • Refrigeration System
    • Refrigeration capacity: 833W at -10/32°C
    • Power consumption: 367W
    • Tank: 15L
  • Water Chiller (HT - 011)
  • Hard copy user manual

The water chiller unit (HT – 011) is designed to provide the exchangers trainer with cold water necessary for heat transfer process and studying the heat transfer efficiency of each heat exchanger module.

  • The water chiller unit contains a complete refrigeration system to provide a cold water regularly to the heat exchanger supply unit then to the heat exchanger modules.
  • The water chiller unit consists of a compressor, a condenser, a condenser fan, a tank for cold water supplied with an evaporator with Freon tubes to refrigerate the water inside the cold water tank
  • The unit is also supplied with a pump at the outlet of the cold water tank to deliver cold water to the cold water outlet of the chiller unit to be supplied to the supply unit.
  • The unit is provided with ON/OFF switch, compressor operation switch, pump operation switch and temperature controller.