Cooling Column1 for Wet Cooling Tower
(HT - 018)
  • Calculation of the cooling capacity
  • Specific surface of the wet deck surface
    • Packing density: 80 m2/m3
    • Cross section: 175 x 175 mm
    • Length: 800mm
  • Cooling Column1 for Wet Cooling Tower (HT - 018)

This is an additional unit (HT – 018) which can be added to the Wet cooling tower trainer to illustrate the cooling capacity with different cooling column type, which give students the ability to compare results between different types of columns.

  • The cooling column contains a small wet deck surface.
  • The cooling column type 2 is placed into the wet cooling tower instead of the column type 1. The cooling capacity of both columns is compared.
  • On top of the cooling column, a nozzle is mounted.
  • The hot water is sprayed at the top of the cooling tower, trickles from the top to the bottom along the wet deck surface and is cooled in the process.
  • The air enters the column from the bottom and flows upwards.
  • The cooling column is fitted with connections for differential pressure measurement at its inlet and outlet.