Hybrid Petrol Engine Trainer

1.Battery Pack 2.Operation module 3.Engine Components test points 4.Faults switches 5.Acceleration pedal 6.Gear shift stick 7.Touch screen PC 8.Dashboard

  • Measurement Experiments
    • Car ignition key measurements
    • Air gate measurement
    • MAP measurement
    • Accelerator pedal measurement
    • Car generator measurement
  • Fault Experiments
    • Cam sensor fault
    • Crank sensor fault
    • Ignition coil No.1 fault
    • Ignition coil No.2 fault
    • Ignition coil No.3 fault
    • Ignition coil No.4 fault
    • Injector No.1 fault
    • Injector No.2 fault
    • Injector No.3 fault
    • Injector No.4 fault
    • HV system fault
    • Battery charging system fault
  • Hybrid engine cutaway - (HYD103)
  • Hard copy user manual

The training system (HYD103) is designed to introduce students to the concept of hybrid engines, combining both IC engine and electric motor, IC engine integrated in the unit is petrol engine type, using this training system, trainees will get exposed to the main components and working principle of hybrid vehicles. In addition, trainees will be able to perform various measurements and malfunctions troubleshooting regarding petrol hybrid training systems.

  • The training system introduces trainees to the concept of hybrid engines, combining both IC engine and electric motor.
  • The training system is a real physical hybrid engine where all components and systems of hybrid car are presented in the training system.
  • The training system includes IC engine, transmission system, cooling system, exhaust system, battery pack, battery charger and much more.
  • The chassis that accommodates all components & car systems is designed in a way that allows good observation of all system components and ensures user safety at the same time.
  • Main control panel presents an easy interface between the unit and the user, via test points, and operation panel.
  • Test points for main components of the system on the control panel are included to examine components using external multimeter or oscilloscope.
  • The operation panel includes, emergency switch, Indication LEDs, USB sockets and DLC socket.
  • The car dashboard is available on the front control panel to observe speed and acceleration values.
  • Gear stick & acceleration pedal are also available to perform gear shifting and car acceleration.
  • A large chamber for high voltage battery pack is included in the training system, the chamber comprises a high voltage battery, inverter and DC to DC converter.
  • The chamber is equipped with a transparent glass door to allow clear observation of the battery pack inside it.
  • A schematic diagram of the system is provided on the front panel illustrating all system components clearly.
  • Fault module that includes up to 12 faults switches is included to simulate LPI hybrid car most common malfunctions to enhance students’ maintenance and troubleshooting skills.