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Alignment of Drives trainer
(MM - 002)

1 Mechanical coupling 2 Magnet break 3 Bushed journal bearing module 4 Electric motor 5 Motor speed digital display 6 Breaking torque digital display 7 Emergency switch 8 ON/OFF main switch 9 Magnetic torque control knob 10 ON/OFF magnetic break switch 11 Motor speed control knob 12 ON/OFF motor switch

  • Familiarization with the mechanism of machines
  • Recognize and test the operation of the following equipment and get familiar with their components
  • Gear box
  • Journal bearing
  • Hydrodynamic journal bearing
  • Familiarization with the principles of lubrication and sealing elements
  • Reading and understanding engineering drawings and operating instructions
  • Testing the performance of journal bearing
  • Testing the performance of hydrodynamic journal bearing
  • Testing the performance of gear box
  • Main unit
    • Motor: 1hp at 3000 rpm
    • Magnet break: 0 to 50 N.m
  • Gearbox
    • Gear type: worm gear
    • Max. input power: 0.5 hp
    • Gear ratio: 1/25
  • Journal bearing
    • Axe diameter: 25 mm
    • Casing: aluminum
    • Bearing shells: brass
    • Shaft: hardened, ground steel
  • Hydrodynamic journal bearing
    • Inner diameter: 60 mm
    • Casing: grey cast-iron
    • Bearing shells: composite alloy
    • Shaft: hardened, ground steel
  • Alignment of Drives trainer (Mm - 002)
  • Hard copy user manual

The alignment of drives training system (MM – 002) is designed to allow understanding the basic working principles of the most common applications in the mechanical engineering. Beginning with clarifying the mechanism of a mechanical drive machine and going to observing the transmission process and different types of bearings used. The trainer is provided with three interchangeable modules of: bushed journal bearing, hydrodynamic journal bearing and gearbox that enable trainees to lay out a reliable working design and test their performance and efficiency.

  • The trainer is a complete system which is properly assembled, with particular regard to the alignment of the system component.
  • The base unit of the trainer is designed to accommodate three interchangeable module which are; bushed journal bearing, hydrodynamic journal bearing and gearbox. It supports basic introductory training in the equipment operation.
  • The trainer mainly consists of an electric motor drive, two mechanical coupling, and magnetic particle brake with adjustable breaking torque.
  • Additionally, it has a wide variety of components in the control panel including: Motor speed digital display, Braking torque digital display, Magnetic torque control knob, Motor speed control knob, On/off magnetic brake switch, and on/off motor switch.
  • The electric motor is free to move as it can be moved to facilitate the installation process of the system modules.
  • The magnet break is used as a load for slowing or stopping motor shaft.
  • The position of the magnet break can be adjusted and moved next to the unit control panel.
  • Changing the position of the magnet break makes the alignment of equipment can either be checked in a conventional manner with a straight edge or with the 90-degree alignment method. This enables the training participants to experiment the machine and transfer energy from the rotating motor to the magnet break at a 90 degree as well.
  • The two mechanical coupling are used to connect the element system to the motor and the brake. Trainees will be able to align the connections between the motor and the element system, and between the element system and the brake.
  • The braking torque is set using the magnetic torque control knob. The exciter current of the magnetic particle brake serves as a measure of the braking torque, and is displayed in the digital display.
  • As well as, the reading value of the motor speed is displayed on the trainer digital display which can be adjusted using the motor speed knob.
  • The trainer control panel is also equipped with on/off main power switch as well as, emergency switch, which guarantee the required protection to produce a safety working environment.
  • The trainer is a heavy-duty, precision learning aide that allows for convenient, realistic training in the three drives equipment to learn how to install, operate, and test performance of each type.