Assembly with Keys Training Kit
(MM - 005)

1 Keys 2 Hubs 3 Shaft 4 Sleeve

  • Familiarization and assembly of feather key joints
  • Familiarization with the relevant standard designations and terms, including graphical representation.
  • Production of different feather keys
  • Planning and execution of all steps in the workshop environment.
  • Working with fits and tolerances
  • Material of construction: Stainless-steel material
  • Axe
    • Diameter: 40 mm
    • Length: 400 mm
  • Two hubs
    • One-slot hub
      • Outer diameter: 60 mm
      • Inner diameter: 40 mm
      • Length: 45 mm
      • Slots Dimensions:14mm*5mm
  • 3 keys
    • Height: 9mm, 9mm, 9mm
    • Width: 14 mm, 14mm, 14mm
    • Length: 120mm, 70mm, 130mm
    • Sleeve inner diameter: 40 mm
  • Assembly with Keys Training Kit (Mm - 005)
  • Hard copy user manual

The assembly with keys training kit (MM – 005) is considered a comprehensive kit that demonstrates different straight keys used for the assembly of shaft with hubs. The kit includes shaft, two hubs, sleeve and the needed keys for assembly.

  • The training kit contains all the material needed for students to understand how a hub and shaft can be joined together in a professional way using feather keys.
  • The kit includes shaft with slots, hub with 1 slot, hub with 2 slots and driver sleeve and one set of feather keys.
  • The experiments should be carried out in a workshop, as all preparations must be carried out in a correct and proper way by the student.
  • The material is clearly laid out in a portable tool box provided with handle for an easy access.