Angle Valve Assembly & Disassembly Kit
(MM - 012)

1 Body 2 Bonnet 3 Stem 4 Hand Wheel 5 Disc 6 Set of bolts 7 Disc ring

  • Demonstration of the design, function and applications of angle valve.
  • Performing assembly and disassembly of angle valve.
  • Performing maintenance and repair of angle valve.
  • Reading and understanding engineering drawings
  • Familiarization with operating instructions.
  • Recognition of the importance of nominal pressure and nominal diameter when choosing a valve
  • Angle seat valve with flange connections
    • Nominal diameter: DN50
    • Nominal pressure: PN16
    • Material of construction:
      • Body: grey cast iron
      • Stem, Inner parts: stainless-steel
  • Angle Valve Assembly & Disassembly Kit (Mm - 012)
  • Hard copy user manual

The angle valve assembly and disassembly tool kit (MM – 012) provide practical exercise of assembly techniques for the trainees so that they can get familiar with the valve parts as well as enabling them to perform maintenance and repair processes

  • The educational tool kit allows the trainees to learn and practice the assembly exercises on valves and fittings.
  • The educational kit allows trainees to get familiar with valve parts as well as perform the associated maintenance and repair processes
  • The educational tool kit includes the parts of an actual angle valve that’s used in real pipework installations.
  • Angle valves have an inlet and outlet port which are perpendicular to each other, and it’s used to prevent or control flow in a pipe.
  • The valve parts are clearly laid out and well protected in a tool box, the box is made out of durable plastic material and lined with foam material to provide protection for the valve parts.
  • The foam lining is carved in order to fit each part of the valve precisely to protect it against wearing and scratching.
  • The tool kit is supplied with a secure closure system for more protection during movements.
  • Valve bodies are made out of carbon steel material and painted in contrast colors to highlight internal details.
  • The tool kit is compact and easy to move.