Mechanism Trainer
  • First class levers: scissors.
  • Second class levers: staple remover.
  • Third class levers: nut cracker.
  • Elevator.
  • Movable pulley.
  • Transmission between two pulleys (for example: bicycle).
  • Reverse motion between the two pulleys.
  • Connecting rod and follower.
  • Connecting Cam and follower.
  • Gearbox.
  • Motion transmission using rack and pinion.
  • Motion transmission using bevel gear.
  • Motion transmission using the worm gear.
  1. Storage Box
  2. Spur Gear
  3. Worm Gear
  4. Cams
  5. Bevel Gear
  6. Fixed Pulley
  7. Movable Pulley
  8. Belt
  9. Weight
  10. Lever
  11. Inclined Plane
  12. Collar
  13. Rack & Pinion
  14. Fixing Screws & Collars
  15. Connecting Rod
  16. Timing Belt
  • Mechanism trainer - (CT - 011)
  • Set of components
  • Hard copy user manual

Mechanism trainer is a self-contained, hands-on training system which introduces the student to basic mechanical transmission concepts. The trainer allows for training relating to basic mechanical components, applications and physical properties.

  • The educational unit is considered as an impact-resistant storage bench for creating different mechanisms and performing various experiments.
  • The educational unit consists of the main unit (bench) and the storage box that contains the components of mechanisms.
  • The main unit contains supporters such as a fulcrum bar, follower inclined panel, lever, slots and pins to fix the mechanisms components easily.
  • The main unit is supplied with an electric motor to rotate the mechanism of gears, and supplied also with an ON / OFF switch of the motor and another switch to control the rotation direction.
  • The main units also contains schematic diagrams of some mechanisms and labels of the components names printed to the main unit.
  • The main unit is supplied with an inclined plane for more experiments.
  • The main unit is also supplied with a storage area to store temporarily the components that will be used later.
  • All components are housed in a durable steel storage box.
  • The storage box of the educational unit contains mechanical components such as levers, pulleys, gears, cams, linkages, weights, belts, wedges screws and collars.
  • The components are mounted to the main unit using screws and collars, eliminating the need for special tools.
  • Over 20 mechanical components are provided with the educational unit.
  • The main unit is provided with durable grippers to facilitate transporting the unit.
  • The schematic diagrams and label names of components are printed using ultraviolet technology.