The G Pendulum Unit
(MV - 001)

1 String 2 Steel Rod (Length= 1 m) 3 Steel Balls 4 Robust Frame

  • Simple Pendulum
    • Validation of simple pendulum theory.
    • Estimation of the gravitational acceleration.
  • Compound Pendulum
    • determine the radius of gyration and mass moment of inertia of the given rectangular rod experimentally
  • Gravity pendulum
    • length: up to 2000mm
    • nylon rope
  • Weight
    • diameter: 50mm
    • mass: 0,52kg
  • Rod pendulum
    • length:1000mm
    • diameter: 8mm
    • mass: 0,39kg
  • Pendulum weight
    • diameter: 50mm
    • mass: 0,49kg
  • Stopwatch: 1/100s
  • The G Pendulum Unit (MV - 002)
  • Hard copy user manual

The G-pendulum apparatus (MV – 001) allows investigating the behavior of pendulum swings and differentiate between different types of pendulums. The apparatus also helps in the comparison between a gravity pendulum as a mathematical pendulum and a rod pendulum as a physical pendulum.

  • The apparatus is composed of a mathematical pendulum that describes an ideal gravity pendulum and a physical pendulum that describes the rod pendulum.
  • The apparatus includes a steel rod with a movable auxiliary mass as the rod pendulum that is mounted on a bearing.
  • The suspension point can be adjusted on the bearing of the pendulum.
  • The unit is equipped with additional weights for the rod pendulum.
  • The apparatus is also equipped with a clamping device to allow changing the length of gravity pendulum.
  • The apparatus is supplied with a stopwatch to measure the oscillation period.