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Vibration of Spiral Spring Apparatus
(MV - 003)

1 Base plate 2 Weights 3 Lever arm. 4 Rotating shaft. 5 Fixed brackets 6 Spiral spring. 7 Angle scale (0° – 360°). 8 Ball bearing

  • Determination of the stiffness of a spiral spring
  • Determination of the natural frequency with varying total vibrating mass
  • Determination of the natural frequency with varying mass distribution
  • Helical spring
    • Cross-section: 10x1mm
    • Spring length: approx. 800mm
    • Inner radius: 10mm
    • Outer radius: 50mm
    • Winding distance: 8,5mm
    • Sliding mass: 2x 0,5kg
    • Distance from mass to rotation axis
    • 36 to 150mm
    • Deflection angle
    • Max. 360°
    • Graduation: 1°
    • Stopwatch: 1/100s
  • Vibration of Spiral Spring Apparatus (MV - 003)
  • Hard copy user manual

The vibration of spiral spring apparatus (MV – 003) is designed to investigate spring-mass systems, the unit can be used to study the effects of the spring stiffness, mass and mass distribution on the oscillation frequency. Imprinted on the unit an angle scale to measure the deflection angle.

  • A spiral spring made of cold rolled steel is clamped between a ball bearing mounted shaft and a fixed bracket.
  • Two weights of metal on the levers can be securely fixed in position using clamping screws. The weights can form the rotating mass with an adjustable moment of inertia.
  • The unit includes a lever arm to mount the two weights.
  • The unit could be used to determine the natural frequency and the spring stiffness coefficient.
  • The unit could be used as well to investigate vibrations on a spiral spring-rotating mass system.
  • The rotation angle is read on an angle scale that is also connected to the shaft.
  • The unit is equipped with a stopwatch to measure the oscillation period.
  • The unit is intended for wall mounting using mounting bracket and mounting plate which is made of anodized aluminum.