Torsional Vibration Trainer

1 On/ Off switch 2 Emergency Switch 3 Motor socket 4 Motor on/off switch 5 Speed sensor socket 6 Speed control knob 7 Speed digital display

1 On/ Off button 2 PC interface socket 3 Emergency Switch 4 Four Signals socket (S1 to S4)

1 Aluminum profile 2 Motor 3 Rotating mass disks 4 Four bar link mechanism 5 Damper

  • Determine the torsional vibration of a single mass system.
  • Calculating damping ratio of torsional vibration
  • Calculating torsional vibration with several mass disks automatically
  • Rotating mass disks with angel rotation sensors
    • 2 x 150mm diameter, 2.7 Kg
    • 1 x 288mm diameter, 4.8 Kg
    • 1 x 288mm diameter, Artilon (low mas)
  • Two steel bars (5mm, 6mm)
  • Damper
  • Motor used as vibration inducer
    • Three phase induction motor
    • power 370 watt
    • 3000 rpm motor with speed sensor
  • Four bar link mechanism to be attached to the motor for inducing vibration like motion.
  • Torsional Vibration Trainer (MV-006)
  • User manual for the training system
  • BEDO Software
  • Signal unit
  • Control unit
  • Laboratory PC

The Torsional Vibration Trainer (MV-006) is designed to investigate torsion and torsional vibrations on shafts. Torsional vibration is achieved by constructing a steel bar with discs of different mass moment of inertia to it, then vibrations are induced in that system manually or using vibration inducer.

  • The unit consists of two steel bars, 4 discs with different masses, fixed chuck, oil damper, 4 angel rotation sensors, vibration inducer, signal unit and a control unit.
  • The unit is equipped with two bars of different thickness, 5mm and 6mm.
  • The trainer is composed of aluminum profile to attach on the desired elements with the desired spacing.
  • The oil damper is used to investigate the effect of damper on vibrations.
  • The torsion can be tested manually through manual vibration or automatically through a vibration inducer.
  • Vibration inducer is an electrically driven motor with four-bar link mechanism for inducing vibration-like motion.
  • The unit has four angel rotation sensors for the four different mass disks, which can display the vibration signal automatically through the software equipped.
  • The control unit allows controlling the vibration inducer and displays frequency.
  • The unit includes data acquisition system (PC interface) in the signal unit for transferring measured data to an external computer.
  • The unit is equipped with a CD containing interactive software to analyze the vibration signals and displays different values.
  • The unit is compact and table top mountable.