Cavitation in Pumps Kit
  • Investigation of cavitation in pumps
  • Pump
    • Power: 0.5 HP
    • Suction: 8m
    • Delivered: 40m
    • Manometer
  • 2 pressure gauge
    • 1 to 5 bar
    •  -1 to 3 bar
  • Cavitation in pumps kit (MV104.08)

Cavitation in pumps kit allows trainees to observe and understanding cavitation in a centrifugal pump by vibration analysis. Trainees will be able to observe and understand cavitation in a centrifugal pump.

  • This kit is mounted on the base plate of the machinery diagnostic base system.
  • With this kit, cavitation can be experimentally induced and its influence on the vibration spectrum investigated.
  • The principal elements of the accessory set are a single-stage centrifugal pump and a storage tank.
  • The pump and tank are interconnected by hoses. Valves and manometers in the delivery and intake lines allow various operating conditions to be set.
  • The pump can be driven directly through a flexible coupling on the base system or by the belt drive