Networks Installations Training System
  • Setting up a basic network infrastructure: Participants can learn how to set up a simple network with a router, switch, and a few computers. They can learn about IP addressing, subnetting, and configuring basic network services like DHCP and DNS.
  • Implementing wireless networks: Participants can learn how to set up and configure wireless access points, wireless security protocols, and troubleshoot common wireless network issues.
  • Cables Types and how to terminate and connect each one.
  • How to connect and configure a simple CCTV system.
  • Troubleshooting and connectivity testing.
  • Sites Connection Experiments can be done using at least two of the training systems.
  • 1x Cisco ISR 4000 Series Router
  • 1x Cisco 220 POE Business Series Switch
  • 1x Cisco 220 Business Series Switch
  • 2x serial interface cards
  • 1x Access Point
  • 1x Network Camera
  • 1x NVR
  • 1x Patch Panel
  • 1x Network Tool Set
  • plenty of cables to wire up your lab kit
  • Networks Installations Training System (NL102)
  • Digital Content (BI-01)

Networking Installation training system is specially designed for network engineering professionals. It is a dedicated training equipment which can be used for giving hands on training – starting from the basic concepts of integrated installation technology, real life simulation of enterprise networks & installation project environments. The students go through a hands-on training on this system and can quickly grasp the design and construction of the networks system.

  • The trainer consists of a main frame applications unit, applications masks and network components unit.
  • The main frame consists of main ON/OFF switch, emergency switch, power output socket to supply the applications unit with power and with indication LEDs to indicate power connection to the terminals.
  • The trainer is supplied with application experimental scenarios based on reallife contexts.
  • The Applications masks unit is preconnected to make it easy to connect to the network components unit.
  • The trainer is supplied with network tools for testing, connecting, and termination of the
  • Setting up a basic network