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PV Solar Panel
(RE - 002)
  • Solar panel
    • High-efficiency crystalline cell for charging
    • Perfect for battery maintenance, off-grid lighting projects and use in caravans and boats over a weekend period
    • Water-resistant, robust construction for outdoor use
    • An inbuilt diode protects against battery discharge
    • Power Rating: 10 w
    • Open Circuit Voltage: 21 v
    • Type: Polycrystalline
    • Efficiency: 17%
    • Maximum Temperature: +85°C
    • Minimum Temperature: -40°C
    • Terminal Contact Type: Ring
  • Halogen fixture
    • Type: Halogen
    • Dimming: dimmable
    • Operating voltage: 230 v
    • Power rating: 1000 w
  • Dimming module
    • Operating voltage: 250 v max
    • Rated current: 30 A max
    • Output Adjust with panel fixed resistor
  • PV solar panel (RE-002)

The PV Solar Panel module helps in studying the characteristics of photovoltaic in a simplified form. This Solar stand provides trainees with all flexibilities needed to earn a great knowledge about solar panel fixation, tilt angles, and azimuth angle. Using solar panel, trainees can perform photovoltaics related experiments in absence of sun or during cloudy days to emulate the actual sunlight.

  • Within this solar stand, trainees can study the effect of sun light intensity, temperature, effect of sun angles on choosing the panel tilt angle and so on.
  • The stand consists of photovoltaic panel and one halogen fixtures 1000-watt simulating sun light and heat simulator.
  • PV panel is fixed on a rotating sheet that preset panel tilt angle, this fixture is fixed on a long arm that can rotate from -180 to 180 degree to simulate sun rise and sun set.
  • Metal sheet and the arm can rotate in a manner that simulate earth 4 seasons and the varied angle of the earth from a season to another.
  • The PV panel is supplied with its own dimming module which can be controlled to adjust the intensity of halogen lamps.
  • The PV panel can be controlled remotely through a provided control box.
  • This solar panel can be connected with more than one solar panel either in series or in parallel in order to perform wide range of PV experiments