PV Emulator Power Supply
(RE - 005)
  • AC Supply
    • Up to 1.5 kW on a mains supply from 90 VAC up to 264 VAC.
    • Power is automatically reduced to 1 kW if the supply voltage is <150 VAC
  • DC Supply
    • Voltages: between 0...40 V and 0...750 V
    • Output currents be-tween 0...4 A and 0...120 A
    • Output powers between 0…1000 W and 0…3000 W
  • PV emulator power supply (RE-005)

The microprocessor-controlled laboratory power supply offers user-friendly features facilitating its operation. The power supply enables trainees to simulate photovoltaics enabling them to perform PV related experiments in absence of sun whether trainees are performing these experiments after sunset or in cloudy days where PV energy is not easily accessed

  • The PV emulator power supply enables trainees to simulate energy generated from sunlight, giving trainees the desired voltage to perform the same PV related experiments in absence of sun.
  • The power supply is implemented with supervision features for all output parameters which can help to reduce test equipment and make it almost unnecessary to install external supervision hardware and software.
  • The clear control panel with its two knobs, one pushbutton, two LEDs and the touch panel with color TFT display for all important values and status enable the user to handle the device easily with a few touches of a finger.
  • For the integration into semi-automatic and remotely controlled test and automation systems, the devices offer a set of interfaces (analog and digital).
  • The power supply is equipped with a flexible auto-ranging out-put stage which provides a higher output voltage at lower output current, or a higher output current at lower output voltage.
  • The maximum power set value is adjustable with this power supply. Therefore, a wide range of applications can already be covered by the use of just one unit.
  • It includes a true function generator which can generate typical functions, and apply them to either the output voltage or the output current.
  • Current, voltage and power can thus be adjusted continuously between 0% and 100%, no matter if manually or remotely controlled (analog or digital).
  • The unit is provided with an active Power Factor Correction circuit and models up to 1.5 kW.
  • This PV emulator supply can replace PV solar panels usage as it generates up to 1.5 KW, allowing you to carryout the same experiments in absence of sunlight.