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PV Power Planet
(RE - 006)
  • Solar Panel:
    • Type: Polycrystalline Silicon PV Module » Max Power: 250W » Vmp: 30.5V; Imp:
    • 8.33A » No. Of Cells: 4 cell
  • Battery:
    • 12V/100AH per piece
    • No. Of Batteries: 4 battery
  • Solar Panel Rack:
    • Roof type mounting rack including complete fittings.
    • Aluminum alloy.
  • Electrical power generation from PV solar panels
  • Studying the influence of temperature on the generated electricity.
  • Studying the influence of solar panels tilt on the generated electricity.
  • Determination of the optimum conditions required to obtain the most of solar energy.
  • Calculation of solar panel output
  • PV Power Planet (RE-006)
    • 4 x Solar Panel Cells
    • 4 x Battery
    • 1 x Solar Panel Rack

The PV Power Planet can be mounted to the rooftop of any building enabling trainees to carryout experiments on real-world components related to photovoltaics systems. Using the mounted systems trainees will be able to convert PV energy into electrical energy. Trainees will get familiar with the arrangement of such systems as well as the influencing parameters on these systems.

  • Trainees will be able to investigate the working principle and affecting parameters of such systems on output power. They will be able to determine the optimum tilt of solar panels needed for maximum output.
  • Trainees will be able to inspect the effect of temperature, season change and clouds on the output of panels.
  • The solar station system consists of a set of solar panels about six mono solar panels 150 W each that are connected together in order to generate 1 Kw of electrical power.
  • The system comprises four batteries needed for power storage of generated electrical power.
  • This solar station can be operated on-grid or off-grid depending on the user demand. Output power can be connected directly to the grid or it can be stored in batteries for use in absence of sun.
  • Solar panels can be tilted in order to obtain the optimum quantity of solar power.
  • By-pass diodes are pre-installed to minimize power drop caused by shade and ensure excellent performance in low-light environments.