Automatic Warehouse Training System
(RM -012)
  • In storage and out storage operations by using robotic arm
  • Performing various operations related to warehousing such as cargo transfer and goods holding
  • Operating various industrial sensors.
  • 6 joint robot arm storage application
  • I/O communication between control board and industrial robotic arm
  • Robotic arm:
    • Number of joints: 6 axes
    • Payload: 3kg max.
    • Repeatability: ± 0.05 Mm
    • Running radius: 700mm
    • Body material: 6061 aluminum alloy
  • Automatic warehouse training system (RM - 012)
  • BEDO Software + USB cable
  • Set of Workpieces
  • Hard copy user manual
  • Laboratory PC

Automatic warehouse training system is a real simulation to an automatic warehousing system.The system represents one of the most common and vital applications of using PLC namely warehouse automation. The trainer features all components that forms a complete and functioning automated This system helps in teaching storage and retrieval mechanism and different utilized sensors.The system is provided with BEDO software to monitor and control the process.

  • The system features a scaled-down functioning automatic warehousing system.
  • this system perform warehouse stacking application as the robot arm store the cargoes in the warehouse unit according to the user request
  • the system is controlled through a controller to detect the cargo
  • an analog transmitter is used to determine the cargo size
  • a 6 DOF robot arm is used for lifting and storing the cargoa pneumatic suction gripper is used to hold the boxes for lifting
  • a cargo delivery system is used to deliver the cargo from loading location to the robot arm location
  • an optical sensor is used to check the occupancy of each carriage
  • nine warehouse unit is used for the cargo storage