Belt Drive Friction Unit
(SM - 008)

1 Pulley (Inner Diameter= 150 mm) 2 Spring Balances 3 Flat Belt 4 Load Hanger 5 Arms for Fixation (to vary the wrap angle) 6 Pivoting Belt Holder

  • Effect of wrap angle, coefficient of friction and cable force (Eytelwein’s belt friction formula).
  • Comparison of flat belts and V-belts
  • Consequences of an unadapted V-belt groove
  • Flat belts
    • 1 cm
    • 1.5 cm
    • 2 cm
    • 2.5 cm
  • V- belt
    • Width = 9.5 mm
    • Width = 10 mm
    • Width = 11 mm
  • Cable
    • hemp, Ø=3mm
  • Pulley
    • Ø=160mm
    • material: grey iron
  • Spring Balance: 100N ±1N
  • Belt Drive Friction Unit (SM - 008)
  • Hard copy user manual

The Belt Friction Apparatus (SM – 008) tends to demonstrate the function of a belt drive and the friction of different belt types on a metal pulley. The unit is used to compare different belt types and investigate the effect of the wrap angle.

  • The apparatus allows the study of belt drives and belt friction by experiment.
  • The apparatus includes a pulley, mounted on ball bearings and its circumference features grooves for V-belts and flat belts.
  • The belts rub on the pulley at a wrap angle between 30° and 180°, The wrap angle can be adjusted in increments of 30°.
  • The apparatus is supplied with two spring balances which are used to detect the tensile forces on the respective belt ends to precisely adjust the belt tension.
  • The apparatus is also equipped with four flat belts that are different in diameters, and three V-belts that are also different in diameters.