Equilibrium of Moments Training System
(SM - 009)
  • Study the equilibrium of moments fundamentals:
    • Applied forces
    • Generated moments
    • Moments equilibrium
  • Action of forces dependent on the lever arm.
  • Equilibrium of Moments Training System (SM - 009)
  • Hard Copy of User Manual

The Equilibrium of Moments Training System (SM – 009) is designed to help the trainees study the fundamentals of the equilibrium of moments based on the example of a two-arm lever, the trainee can study the forces occurring when balancing various masses.

  • The unit consists of a two-arm lever.
  • Ball bearing-mounted beam with integrated scale is provided.
  • Moments occurring on the lever are to be brought to equilibrium.
  • Movable riders are placed on the lever and weights are added.
  • The trainee will be able to move the weights to attain the forces equilibrium.
  • A sturdy metal frame made of a durable material.
  • A firm base plate to ensure that the unit stands securely.
  • Masses of different weights are provided to be able to perform the experiments.