Change State of Gases Training System

1 Digital displays. 2 Operation panel. 3 Isothermal process tank. 4 Isochoric process tank. 5 Thermocouples K – type 6 Safety valves. 7 Vent valves. 8 Heater. 9 Vacuum pump. 10 Compressor.

  • Demonstrating the isochoric process “Gay-lussac’s second law”
  • Demonstrating Change in the state of gases
  • Demonstrating isothermal process (compression/expansion) “Boyle-mariotte law”
  • Thermocouple
    • K – type.
    • Probe length: 50 mm.
    • Probe diameter: 6mm.
  • Vacuum pump
    • Power: 1/3 HP.
  • Compressor
    • Power: 1 HP.
    • Displacement: 36 lpm
  • Heater
    • Power: 500 W.
  • Pressure sensor
    • Measuring range: -1 ~ 6 bar.
  • Level sensor:
    • Probe length: 200 mm.
  • Change State of Gases Training System (TD - 004)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • Laboratory Pc

The expansion processes of a perfect gas unit (TD-004) tends to enable the trainee to experimentally study two changes of states of gases, isothermal change of state (Boyle-Mariotte law) and isochoric change of state which occurs at constant volume (Gay-Lussac’s second law).

  • The trainer is equipped with all components necessary for studying changes of gas state.
  • The educational unit is equipped with a compressor and a vacuum pump at the lower part of the unit.
  • The educational unit is also supplied with two transparent tanks to provide a clear observation of experiments, needle valves, digital displays
  • Isothermal change of the gas state is experimented at the left tank that includes air as a test gas.
  • The left tank is connected to a secondary tank contains water and air, so when the compressor/ vacuum pump is operated, it increases /decreases the air pressure in the secondary tank and pushes /draws out water to /from the left tank to increase /decrease the air in the left tank.
  • The left tank base is supplied by a needle valve to provide accurate experiment results by processing the experiment sufficiently slow to ensure constant temperature during the process.
  • Isochoric change of state is experimented in the right tank which has constant volume, the temperature of the test air is increased by an electric heater and the resulting pressure rise is measured.
  • The top of each tank is provided with a pressure sensor for pressure measurement, K - type thermocouple for temperature measurement and a needle nozzle to guarantee releasing any overpressure inside the tanks.
  • The educational unit is supplied with digital displays to display temperatures, pressures, and volumes.
  • The trainer is supplied with a main ON / OFF switch, emergency switch, a heater ON /OFF switch, Operation switch of compressor and vacuum pump and a switch to select operating the compressor or the vacuum pump.
  • The educational unit is provided with a software to demonstrate the measured values and draw experimental curves related to specific experiments.
  • Two schematic diagrams to demonstrate the system operation.