Ideal Gases Expansion Trainer

1 Positive pressure tank. 2 Negative pressure tank. 3 Pressure gauges 4 Digital displays. 5 Operation switches. 6 Schematic Diagrams. 7 Compressor. 8 Vacuum pump. 9 Ball valves.

  • Calculating Heat Capacity Ratio (Adiabatic Exponent) According to Clément-Desormes
  • Determination of Ratio of Volumes Using Isothermal Process
  • Positive pressure tank
    • Volume: approx. 22 liter
    • Max. Operating pressure: 0.9bar
  • Negative pressure tank
    • Volume: approx. 11 liter
    • Min. Operating pressure: -0.6bar
  • Measuring Ranges
    • Temperature: 0 … 150°C
    • Pressure: 0 … 1.6bar (abs)
  • Ideal Gases Expansion Trainer (TD - 005)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • laboratory PC

The Ideal Gases Expansion experimental unit (TD-005) enables examining of the ideal gases expansion. The focus is on the experimental determination of the adiabatic exponent of air using the Clément-Desormes method. The software helps in experimental procedure and analysis

  • Two interconnected cylindrical tanks.
  • Positive pressure can be applied to one tank; negative pressure can be applied to the other tank.
  • To generate the positive pressure and the negative pressure in the tanks, the tanks are connected to each other via a compressor.
  • The pressure equalization can either take place with the environment or with the other tank through a bypass.
  • Due to the high velocity of the pressure compensation the change of state is quasi adiabatic.
  • Ball valves are used for pressure equalization.
  • Precise pressure measurement technology is integrated in the tanks to enable the determination of the adiabatic exponent using the Clément-Desormes method.
  • Transparent components.
  • The measured temperatures and pressures are recorded, transmitted to the software and displayed.
  • Software with control functions and data acquisition via USB