Saturation Pressure Apparatus

1 Marcet boiler. 2 Pressure gauge. 3 Pressure sensor. 4 Inlet V1. 5 Vent V4. 6 Safety valve. 7 Heater socket. 8 Pressure and temperature sensors sockets. 9 Pressure digital display. 10 Heater power . 11 Siphon tube. 12 Temperature digital display

  • Marcet Boiler.
  • Recording vapor pressure curve of water.
  • Relation of temperature and pressure.
  • Temperature sensor range: 0 ~ 350.
  • Pressure sensor range: -1 ~ 25 bar.
  • Heater power: 2Kw.
  • Boiler tank capacity: 3 liters.
  • Saturation Pressure Apparatus (TD - 006)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • bedo software
  • laboratory PC

The saturation pressure apparatus (TD-006) tends to demonstrate the relationship between the pressure and temperature of water in a straightforward manner. A temperature limiter and pressure relief valve are fitted as safety devices and protect the system against overpressure.

  • The unit consists of pressure boiler with insulating jacket to control the pressure and temperature of water.
  • The boiler is provided sensor, temperature sensor and pressure gauge.
  • The trainer is provided with a control panel supplied with trainer ON/OFF switch, emergency switch, temperature, heater power and pressure digital displays, heater ON/OFF switch and heater power regulator.
  • The temperature and pressure can be continuously monitored via a digital temperature and pressure displays.
  •  Siphon tube pressure gauge is also equipped in the unit to indicate pressure.
  • A pressure relief valve is fitted as a safety device to protect the system against overpressure.
  • The educational unit is provided with a software to demonstrate the measured values