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Boiling Heat Transfer Training System

1 Condenser water inlet/outlet 2 Heater 3 Condenser flow sensor 4 Condenser water inlet/ outlet temperature sensor 5 Pressure sensor 6 Vacuum valve (v3) 7 Condenser coil 8 Tank 9 Level switch 10 Drain valve (v2) 11 Vacuum pump

  • Demonstration Evaporation process
  • Investigation different forms of evaporation (nucleate and film boiling)
  • determination of heat transfer coefficient
  • investigation of the effect of temperature and pressure on the evaporation process
  • Main tank
    • Transparent tank
    • Volume = 14 liters
    • Filled volume = 3 liters
  • Electric Heater
    • Power= 1 Kw
    • Surface area = 0.001 m²
    • Equipped with power control allow the user to adjust power value continuously by a potentiometer on the control panel
  • Cooling system
    • Copper piping
    • Stainless steel coil: Diameter = 80mm, number of turns= 7 turns
    • Needle valve for precise control
    • Easy quick fitting for water inlet and outlet
  •  flow sensor
    • Measuring range 0….25 L/min
  • Temperature sensor
    • 1 PT 100 RTD x measuring range -5 …105 degrees C
    • 3 PT 100 RTD x measuring range 0 …130 degrees C
    • 1 K-Type thermocouple x measuring range 0 … 350 degrees C
  • Pressure sensor
    • Measuring value 0 … 10 bars
  • Boiling Heat Transfer Training System (TD - 007)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • BEDO Software
  • Laboratory PC

Boiling Heat Transfer system trainer (TD-007) tends to demonstrate boiling and evaporation processes. It allows students to understand different forms of evaporation (nucleate and film boiling) and calculate heat transfer coefficients.

  • Boiling Heat Transfer Training System is an educational unit for the investigation of evaporation processes.
  • The trainer is designed to illustrate different boiling and evaporation processes and the effect of pressure and temperature on these processes.
  • The trainer consists of a main tank, condenser coil, heater, vacuum pump, valves, different sensors, digital displays and switches
  • The processes take place in a transparent tank which allows the evaporation to be observed.
  • The cooling water of the condenser coil comes from tap water with flexible hose connection to supply and drain.
  • The trainer is supplied with a needle valve to control the flow rate of the condenser water cycle
  • The heater is operated only when the limit switch detects the freon covered the whole surface area of the heater to avoid heater damage
  • The vacuum pump decreases pressure in the tank so freon R141b boils at temperature less than 32 c which helps trainees to test freon boiling at different temperature.
  • The sensors record the flow rate of the cooling water, the inlet/outlet condenser freon temperature, the vapour and liquid temperature at all relevant points and allow analysis of the heat transfer process
  • The digital displays provide an accurate reading of temperatures and pressures that are measured by highly sensitive sensors.
  • The trainer provides calculation of energy balances and key figures for heat transfer.
  • The trainer is provided with two schematic diagrams to demonstrate the system operation.
  • The trainer is provided with software to demonstrate the measured Values and draw experimental curves related to specific experiment.
  • The control unit includes ON/OFF main power switch and emergency switch
  • The control unit provides a mode selection switch Manual/Software and features a power control on the heater