Heat Capacity of Metals

1 Jacketed vessel 2 Electric heater 3 Emergency button 4 Main ON/OFF 5 220 VAC plug 6 Water temperature display 7 Vacuum pressure display

  • Study of heat capacity.
  • Calculation of heat capacity in different metals.
  • Heater
    • Power: 1 Kw
    • Work plate dimension: 100x100 mm
    • Voltage: 240 V
  • Temperature sensor
    • Thermocouple k-type
    • Probe diameter: 5mm
    • Probe length: 50mm
  • Beaker
    • volume: 600 ml
  • Heat Capacity of Metals (TD - 010)
  • Set of 3 pieces of Aluminum, iron, copper.
  • Digital balance.
  • Hard copy user manual
  • heater
  • BEDO Software

This training system (TD-010) introduces trainees to a fundamental aspect which is heat capacity. Heat capacity is a specific parameter which is constant for each metal material. Through using this training system, trainees will be able to calculate the specific heat of capacity for different types of metals.

  • The training unit is a bench top unit, easily transportable setup used to calculate heat capacity of metals.
  • The device has a calorimeter filled with water at low temperature in which the experiments takes place.
  • A heater is used for heating water and metal piece required to be tested to run the experiment.
  • The training unit has temperature sensor and pressure gauge to measure the temperature and atmospheric pressure to assure the experiments conditions.
  • The training unit has digital stop watch for precise determine of time, and digital balance for accurate measurement of metal mass.