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Peltier Heat Pump

1- Control Panel 2- Submersible pump 3- Tank water Outlet 4- Tank water inlet 5- Tank 6- Finned heat sink 7- Fan 8- Water connection 9- Heater Socket 10-Temperature sensor Socket

  • Demonstration of peltier effect.
  • Demonstration of seebeck effect.
  • Determination of cooling and heating capacity of the heat pump.
  • Determination of heating efficiency.
  • Digital multimeter
    • AC voltage: 600 V
    • DC voltage: 600 V
    • AC current: 10 A
    • DC current: 10 A
    • Display count: 2000
    • Resistance: 200 M ohm
    • Capacitance: 2 µ
  • Temperature sensor
    • Thermocouple K-type
    • Range: -50 ..... 350 c
    • probe diameter: 5 mm
  • Thermo- generator
    • peltier element
    • cooling power: 35 W
    • voltage: 12 v
  • Peltier Heat Pump (TD - 011)
  • Hard copy user manual

This training system (TD-011) allows for studying the function and working principle of Peltier elements. Trainees will be able to investigate the cooling and heating effect of Peltier. They will also be able to mix and match the provided Peltier elements to inspect various scenarios.

  • The unit is compact , bench top device to demonstrate peltier and seebeck effects.
  • A thermo-generator (peltier element) to convert thermal energy into electrical energy and for operation as heat pump.
  • Power supply is used for constant voltage supply during the experiments.
  • The unit is supplied with different set of modules to run the experiments under different operating condition.
  • Temperature sensors is used to determine the temperature during experiments.
  • The trainer has Heating coil,stop watch,air blower which are used to carry out different experiments.
  • The trainer has digital multimeter for accurate reading for volt and ampere.