Four-Shaft Car Lifter
    • Jack load: 4 ton
  • Lifting height: 185 cm
  • Lifting time: 60 seconds
  • Descending time: 20:40 seconds
  • Overall width: 344 cm
  • Overall height: 217 cm
  • Motor power: 2.2 KW
  • Voltage:
    • Single-phase 220V
    • Three-phase 380V
  • Four-Shaft Car Lifter (WSE105)

This four-shaft car lifter (WSE105) is purposed for angle adjustment, it’s equipped with turn table and mid jack. It is also equipped with advanced technology in addition to many safety factors

  • The chassis consists of layers in the form of multiple panels, distinguished by excellent performance synchronized precisely.
  • The front wheel axis is un-adjustable while the rear wheel axis has the ability to glide. This is purposed to be suitable with multiple dimensions of vehicle’s axes
  • It is distinguished by a wide platform to be suitable with a larger number of car types and different wheel dimensions.
  • The jack has been modified and a motor has been added to optimize hydraulic pressure for lifting up and lowering down.
  • Wheel base place can be adjusted,
    the level can be adjusted as well (Jack height)
  • The jack works with hydraulic cylinders which operates with safe system with a safety switch. Descending is controlled manually.
  • It contains a safety system which protects the car against turning over. Four steel cables to move in a synchronizing form which prevents any swerving accidents and prevents vehicle ramping effectively.
  • Jack lowering system is supplied with beeping to alarm the user with the descending of the vehicle in order to protect the operator.
  • It is supplied with a valve on the movable hydraulic cylinder to protect it and ensure longer life time.
  • There is an emergency valve to get
    the jack down manually to make the descending safe in case of disconnecting electricity from the jack.
  • Controlling lifting up and lowering down electrically and compressed air to assure safety